Monday, October 28, 2013

Mother Nature Meets the "Yard-tist"

The Linden Park Nature Trail  between Lincoln and Maple roads, one of several in-town trails in  Birmingham, Michigan, has two very special artists.  The first artist of course is Mother Nature.

A Gift of Color from Mother Nature on Lincoln Trail, Birmingham, Michigan
Nikon 600, 24-85mm, f/16,  ISO 80, 1/6 sec 
This year, Mother Nature's artwork has gifted us with a fall that glows and burns from sunrise to sunset.  Even in moonlight, leaves continue to faintly illuminate our evening dog walks with auras of autumn.

Autumn, Courtesy of Mother Nature
Nikon 600, f/16, ISO 80, 1/13 sec

The Linden Park Nature Trail which runs along the Rouge River Watershed serves as a local four season favorite for runners, walkers and their four-legged kids and families.

While capturing images of our vibrant fall hues of reds, golds, oranges and browns, I saw her on the trail.  By 'her', I am referring to our trails's secret artist.

My husband has named her the "Yard-tist" as she brings touches from her own yard to create artwork using Mother Nature's tools.

She swiftly, secretively and creatively places flowers, rocks, stems, twigs in unusual patterns along the trail using natures tools as frames.  The artwork is earthy and primitive.  Creations range from the complex using many tools, to the simple using a single flower against a rock.

Along the Path, Linden Park Trail
Creation by the Yard-tist, Image by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

On this particular day, when I saw our Yard-tist at work I think she saw me too as she paused briefly.  She was delightful to watch.  As people approached her, in some instances she moved away from her work, other times she darted off the trail almost as if not wanting to be seen.

Some of her work is right beside the trail.  Other creations peek at you from behind thickets and tree stumps.

Simple Display Along the Trail Woods, A Flower and a Rock
Creation by the Yard-tist,  Image by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

When she had left, I shifted my focus from taking images along the river to that of her work to share with others who have not had the fortune to visit Linden Park Nature Trail.  

Here's a Bit of Yellow by the Rouge River on Linden Park Trail
Creation by the Yard-tist, Image by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

Passersby stopped to chat.   Many either inquired if I knew her.  Others shared their own enjoyment of her special touches along the trail for almost five years.

A Shock of Color in the Woods
Creation by the Yard-tist, Image by ©Sheen's Nature Photography
Whoever our Yard-tist is, we appreciate her care and creativity in making our nature trail even more special.

Happy Shooting!