Thursday, November 14, 2013

Is there such a thing as the "Affordable Photographers' Equipment Act?"

A common misnomer is that photography is a very expensive hobby.  There are many camera promotions today that make it easy to get started and grow with a modest investment.
Pure Sugar
Nikon 600, 70-300mm lens

Camera manufacturers, particularly during the holidays, offer special bundles.   Some of these include two lenses, camera bags, filters, flash units and a tripod.  Different retailers including local, national chains and online have different bundles so you'll want to do a little research. A kit that has a general purpose lens and a telephoto lens is highly encouraged.

Delicate Details of a Rose April 2012
Nikon 5100,  general purpose kit lens
My first camera was the Nikon 5100 and it's still in my toolkit.  The newer Nikon 5200 has a big sensor and more megapixels.  These bundle kits sell for around $1000.  Also note that Nikon's image processing software is included.  While I am a Nikon user, Canon also offers bundles.  Bundles will provide the fun, creativity and diversity needed by most recreational and family photographers.

The 1st Weekend of Camera Ownership April 2012
Nikon 5100, 55-300mm lens
To pursue photography beyond recreational usage, it will require additional investments.  "Great Glass'  otherwise known as a great lens does come at a price.  Macro, landscape and big telephotos can broaden your reach but as you'll read many times over, an expensive lens does not guarantee great images.  With the right composition, lighting, tools and techniques professional quality images are within your reach.

The other periphery expenses as you expand include higher powered image processing software such as Lightroom by Adobe and a relatively current PC.

The good news is that you can rent lenses before you buy and add at your own speed based on your interest and where you want to take your photography.

Happy Shooting!