Sunday, December 22, 2013

If You Could Wrap an Image of From Your Past & Put It Under the Tree, What Would it Be?

The throes of the holidays are upon us.  Schedules remain filled with tying up loose ends at work.  There's limited time to take care of planning meals, parties, shopping, wrapping gifts and heading off to visit family.

Slow down the madness for a just a moment.  Savor the ability to reflect.

Holiday Reflection by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

More than likely we can immediately recall the time we received a gift from the heart, someone's personal talent shared. The gift of that sweater 'we had to have' from our favorite store?  It may be one of our favorites, or, it may not even be remembered.

Sweet Face by ©Sheen's Nature Photography
Case in point?  Your favorite teacher.  They had the talent for encouraging you to think differently about something.  To this day when someone asks you "Who was your most influential teacher?", their name and memory erupts before even thinking about it.  Their ability to inspire was a gift.

Another may be a relative, a family friend, who spent their time with you, doing what you wanted to do instead of taking care of their own to-do list.  They were sharing a piece of themselves, their natural gift of story-telling, listening, teaching a hobby.

As photographers and those who enjoy photography, we share our images via websites, Facebook and other social media. This global reach provides many with views of the world that the majority will never see. Folks who may be housebound have brief escapes into beautiful places local and far away.

Many photographers offer the gift of knowledge and encouragement of our craft with our kids, neighbors' kids or local youth centers.

Your images of sports, nature, people are personal.

Because you take it personally, you may inspire others to reach within themselves to find their own talent and interests.   Your innate passion, time and talent can't be bought, but it can be shared.

And it can be one of the best gifts of their life time…and yours.

Happy Shooting and Happy Holidays!