Monday, December 30, 2013

Is it a Resolution or a Delightful Journey?

We've all done it.   The same year-after-year resolution on December 31 that somehow gets lost by January 15. Or the new resolution that never happens.  We commit to do something, for the moment, with good intentions.  It may be losing weight, changing our diet, exercise, finances, starting a new hobby. But why can't we make it stick?

Therapy: Watching the Female Cardinal in the Southern Winter Sunshine
First, I'm a nature photographer and not a psychologist.  Like everyone, I have a need for some type of therapy.  My therapy just happens to be in the fields, flowers and hanging out with the birds with cameras and lenses in tow.

Here's a few questions to consider.

What is the motivation behind the resolution?  Is it positive?  Does the thought of taking action bring a smile to your face or the dreadful sigh?

One of the most common resolutions I hear is "I am going to exercise so I can lose weight." Chances are, this one will not be sustained even though you know its needed.  Where's the positive?  Where's the fun?  Where's the traction?

Turn this around a bit.  What would encourage you to do an activity and stay with it?  What happens when this resolution is achieved?  Is it a one-shot deal or is it a lifestyle/hobby that you incorporate into who you are?  Can it be shared with a spouse, significant other, or friends?

For years, I wanted a camera but never purchased one.  I had resolved for years to get one and take pictures.  In retrospect, I didn't have a plan or motivation to take action on my resolution.

Create the Plan, Enjoy the Journey
My husband encouraged me by surprising me with a Nikon for Christmas two years ago.  I didn't take it out of the box and really use it until a few months later.  

It was a trip to the south with a personal commitment to learn the camera and how to capture images of what I really enjoyed, birding and nature.  I previewed my first images and the passion began.

It's not about 'having' to go out with the camera.  It's about making sure I take the time doing what I enjoy.  Nature photography is typically part of my weekend and if I'm lucky, sometimes part of my week. And yes, I have photography resolutions for 2014, and that's for another blog.

So 2014 is here.  What do you want to do this year that you haven't accomplished yet? What's the positive motivation behind it?  Remember, if you can't answer that question, it probably won't happen.  Then tell someone, involve a friend/partner and take action. Your next 'passion' may be waiting!
Happy Shooting!