Monday, March 10, 2014

Photography "Therapy"

Yes, I've been one of those who needed 'retail therapy' from time to time. Those mindless moments where you escape deadlines and stress factors at work.  My need for 'retail' therapy whether in a mall or online has forever been replaced.

What has taken its place?  Photography Therapy!

"After the Meeting Walk"
Nikon 600, 105mm

This is probably not a new phrase, and I'm sure other photographers feel the same way.  Picture this, (no pun intended).  A prolonged week of meetings continues with direct reports assisting in presentations, proposals and personnel discussions. This is capped off with yet one more Friday afternoon conference call at 4:00 p.m.  Many of these discussions are held in a square, non-descript beige work cube, conference room or if we are lucky, an office with a view of other concrete buildings.

Sunrise, Before the Meetings Begin"
Nikon 600, 14-24mm

Don't get me wrong, I love my career.  However, I believe in working to live. Part of living is not thinking about work when you're not working.  That can be a bit difficult for many of us, particularly if we do not find and pursue our own interests and passions.

Weekend "Work"
Nikon 5100, Signa 150-500mm
Photography therapy launches me into the outdoors and mother nature's emotional whim.  Downtime is spent with azure waters absorbing sunset, sunrise landscapes and wildlife in the woods.  Or the essence of time is lost while capturing flowers and foliage with hues, shades and textures that make Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore Paints wince with envy.  

So how can you find your photography therapy?  

The answer is quite simple.  What do you like to do with your spare time?  

Do you enjoy cars, travel, your kids' sports, pets, fashion, cooking, gardening, baseball cards, fishing, or collecting?  If you answered yes to any of these and have considered 'photography' as something to do, you may have picked the place to get started.  

Borrow, rent or purchase a camera and start here.   Take many, many images looking up, down and straight on with your identified subject.  Download to your computer and see what you've created.  

Your therapy may have just begun.

And for those who still hunger for a bit of retail therapy.  No problem.  There are plenty of cameras (Nikon), bags (TenbaTamrac), lenses (Sigma LensesNikon lenses), tools (Lightroom 5, Nik Software), and how-to books available to shop for online (Amazon) and in local stores (Woodward Camera in Birmingham, MI, and a local retailer near you).