Monday, July 14, 2014

Proper Preening....Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane Preens by Sheen's Nature Photography
The sights of summer are in full glory. Flowers are in bloom, the heat has finally arrived for a few days here in Michigan.  Trail hikes occur almost every weekend.

A highlight of this state is our Sandhill Cranes. Flocks of thousands congregate in open fields and
marshy woodland areas.

While photographing a Sandhill, a heavy beating noise whooshed in from behind.  The pounding sounded like deer running through the forest.  It was the wingbeats of another Sandhill as he flew in to greet the two walking on the trail.

This past Saturday a preening Sandhill enjoyed the early morning sunshine.   He (or she) will be heading south for the winter in late fall.

Until then, another a forty five minute drive for a hike in the woods to see this huge, majestic bird again is on the horizon.

Happy Shooting!