Thursday, July 31, 2014

Uncommon Beauty in a Common Bird

So many places and wildlife faces to see.  Traveling to a new destination where  exploration is all that is on the agenda energizes the soul and creative spirit.

However, we can have the eyes of a tourist or explorer in our own backyards and surrounding locations without even trying too hard.  All it takes is a willing spirit and a personal commitment to get-up-and-go to a local place.  It may be a park, trail, area of town that you don't visit often, if at all.  Or, it may be a place you've thought about but the drive is a bit of a hassle.

Whether you're a photographer or have an interest in a hobby or activity, taking on a local adventure that falls in to your domain of interest may be the ticket to turning a routine Saturday into a real 'weekend' of fun.

Bye, Bye Blackbird - Sheen's Nature Photography
Using the red-winged blackbird as an example, they are quite common.  They arrive in the spring, mate, have babies and fly south again after the family has fledged.  It would be easy to discount a bird that 'I see all the time, just about all my life'.

A recent hike revealed a vocal male, singing in the bright sunshine along the reeds.  He stood in the same place for at least 30 seconds.

The inky black feathers accessorized with fire-engine red wing patches, his fashion statement makes a fashionista green with envy.  And his song, as shrill and bright as it is, is much preferable to any tune on the radio.

Have a great week and it's time to start planning your 'weekend'.

Happy Shooting!