Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What do Neil Diamond & Northern Michigan Have in Common? Cherry, Cherry!

It's an early, sunny morning in Leelanau County, Michigan and the camera and tripod are in tow.  Temperatures are a cool sixty degrees.  The fields are filled with flowers and a light, fading fog continues to disappear along the drive to my destination.

The orchard awaits.

Brimming with Cherries by Sheen's Nature Photography

Brimming with beautiful, ripe fruit the orchard shimmers in the sun.  A multitude of sparrows, blue jays and robins all sing overhead.

Sweet Treat by Sheen's Nature Photography

Yet, the song that I keep hearing is a childhood favorite, "Cherry, Cherry" by Neil Diamond.

Cherry Baby!
Standing in the middle of a cherry orchard among the cheeriest of cherry red fruits definitely "Move's Me, Baby" and inspires an extra sense of happiness into my work.

So while I'll probably never meet Neil, his song added a little extra joy as I photographed and yes, tasted some of the juiciest cherries I've ever experienced.

And if he ever makes it to Leelanau County in August, I hope he gets to indulge in one of Michigan's purest treats.

Who knows, it may inspire another great song!

Happy Shooting (and singing)!