Saturday, December 27, 2014

Traveling to Costa Rica: Lush Lands & Magnificent Wildlife

Capuchin Cutie by Sheen's Nature Photography
Nikon 7100, Tamron 150-600mm
Costa Rica.  Just saying those two little words a country filled with tremendous beauty immediately comes to mind.

During December 2014, I traveled there for a week that passed too quickly.

From people with quick smiles and delightful hellos, to foods that enticed the pallet (would love to have some yucca chips right now!) to nature's diversity, I will return to the Osa Peninsula for another sojourn.

Until then, I'll share images throughout the next few months that share the country's love of nature and color.

The first sounds I heard when arriving at the eco lodge of Bosque Del Cabo Rainforest Lodge were dogs barking.  Or so I thought.  Instead it was Howler monkeys rapidly on the move in rainforest.

My next monkey sighting was the Capuchins.  So expressive and so cute because of their ever changing faces.

One moment the monkeys are there, the next moment they disappear deep into the forest.

The Toucan's with their vibrant lime greens, lemon yellows and scarlet reds against a cape of black feathers and chestnut colored mandible, were the first birds to make their appearance.

Toucan Man by Sheen's Nature Photography
Nikon 7100, Tamron 150-600mm
While these funny faces were visible all week long, I never tired of photographing them.  Whether eating, basking in the sun or watching their photographer of the moment, seeing them in the wild was a wonderful gift.

Stay tuned for more images and writings illustrating Costa Rica's diversity and beauty.

Happy Shooting!