Monday, July 27, 2015

The Blue Door Leads to my Office

Where will your work take you today?

It's Monday, and for many of us it's starting the week with a cup of Joe.  After the cobwebs have cleared, it's time for the morning workout.  Then it's heading out the front door to our respective office to continue last week's unfinished work and begin new projects.  This may be a building, a warehouse, working in our cars or in our homes.

I prefer my weekend office door.  In blue, please.

The Blue Door to My Office

This weekend door opens to the great outdoors where birds sing, butterflies flutter and nature surrounds me.

In nature photography and for those you enjoy just being immersed in nature, you don't have to go very far.  It may be just a few steps and you're in your garden or going for a hike on a nearby nature trail.

A Day in the Weekend Office
Female American Redstart

As a photographer, I need and enjoy my regular job to pursue my passion for photography.

My photography office door opens on the weekend.  And while it's not the one above that I photographed this weekend, it is blue.

Happy Shooting!

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