Monday, August 31, 2015

Date Night & The Morning After

Sweet Dear by Sheen's Nature Photography
No, this is not the name of a movie for mature audiences.  Friday nights represent so many things.  From the end of the work week to the beginning of the weekend, time to chill, time to party, a date with a spouse or significant other, time with your best friend and the list goes on.

As a photographer, my idea of a great Friday date night includes my hubby Dave, a long nature walk with no specific agenda and my camera.

Some of my favorite images have been as a result of the surprise photography moments that surfaced while we were chatting along the way.

The sweet deer to the right popped up in the woods as we were walking along the trail.  The fading sun provided soft illumination  through the branches while gently lighting his face.

A walk by the lake is part of the routine but the view is never the same.  One day the sky is clear blue (boring!), another day it's overcast with flat light.

This past weekend, the light breeze and white fluffy clouds celebrated summer color across our neighborhood lake, Quarton Lake.

Date Night Routine by Sheen's Nature Photography

The morning after with the same mindset offers its own creative inspiration.

Drinking coffee on the deck in the warm season while looking over the garden, there's almost always something new to capture.

The bright white flowers below glowed against a background of rich foliage prior to the sunlight reaching the garden.

I think part of the enjoyment is that I'm not looking for anything intentional.  I may not even snap the shutter once.  The times that I do, it's one or two snaps and I have a photo that came from the heart.

Morning After by Sheen's Nature Photography
Sound a bit crazy?

Part of the enjoyment and inspiration is the spontaneity as a result of using this as down time with my best friend (that would be my husband but he may feel he comes second to the camera at times).

This next weekend, grab your partner, your camera, a comfortable pair of shoes and see where the journey takes you.

Happy Shooting!