Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's A Small, Mushroom World in the Woods

Tall One by Sheen's Nature Photography
The sights and sounds of fall in the midwest build each day.  Days get shorter, nights grow longer.  Warm days are tinged with a hint of cool.

Ever changing greens merge into yellows.  Cool
mornings with floating mist melt into golden hour sunshine.

In the woods, there's another small world that's loaded with color, texture and purpose.

Mushrooms, fungi, toadstools emerge in a variety of shapes, colors and locations.  They glow, they hide, they cover and also stand alone.

A recent weekend spent up in the Leelanau Peninsula in Michigan was perfectly timed.   Mushrooms were everywhere!

Tall, short, skinny and stumpy. Bright, dull and somewhere in between.

Muted browns and vibrant oranges glowed against dark shades while tall brights popped out of nondescript ground cover.

Just Glow by Sheen's Nature Photography

When hiking in wooded areas, instead of looking up, look down along tree stumps, dry leaves and crevices in tree trunks.

It's a Small World by Sheen's Nature Photography

A tiny world awaits.

Happy Shooting!