Thursday, June 2, 2016

"Songbird Sung Blue"

It's spring time which means the woods and fields are filled with the delightful songs and colors of songbirds.  Birds are flocking together to nest, breed, have chicks and depending on the species, travel south for thousands of miles after their chicks have fledged the nest. 
Lazuli Bunting by Sheen Watkins

It's time to celebrate a few of our magnificent little birds of blue.

The Lazuli Bunting, taken in Arizona could almost be mistaken for a bluebird.  Their white wing bars are an immediate giveaway.  

There's something a little extra special about birds in blue.  

Maybe it's because there are not as many species in this color range. 

They are so striking with their azure plumage.  Their sweet songs carry through the distance with unique and brilliant trills, notes and screeches.

The Indigo Bunting is a common sighting in Michigan and the midwest.  Even though it's a bit more common, that doesn't make it any less special to see....and hear.  The melodious song carries a distance from their high perches.  

This little guy is a regular on the Leelanau Peninsula on a trail managed by the Leelanau Conservancy in Michigan.

Indigo Bunting by Sheen Watkins

What 'blue' posting would be complete without a favorite for many?  The eastern bluebird entertains us by using nesting boxes to build their nest and their family.

Eastern Bluebird by Sheen Watkins
And lastly, the common but yet so striking Blue Jay.  We hear the loud calls when they fly in flocks. We see them visit our feeders.  Their bold crest along with the bright blue patterns make them standout from the rest of their family - the crows.

Blue Jay, a member of the Crow Family by Sheen Watkins
The title of this blog was inspired by Neil Diamond's "Song Sung Blue".  This is the second blog title that he, along with mother nature inspired:  What do Neil Diamond & Northern Michigan Have in Common? Cherry, Cherry!

Happy Shooting!