Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Time - Life Lesson from Behind the Lens

Our personal interests can teach many life lessons.  Nature photography is no different.  Some lessons in photography are probably obvious, such as looking at your image as well as business challenges from multiple perspectives.

However some lessons are not so apparent, until you see them taking hold in both your photography and your approach to life.   One lesson is the use of time, it's definition quite elusive depending on your perspective.  It's the one thing that cannot be bought, shortened, or extended.  A precious, precious commodity.

In nature photography, each day has a limited amount of time that maximizes the quality of a given type of image we are shooting for.

The minutes before and after a sunrise where the soft rich rose hues cascade across our landscape.

The World Awaits by ©Sheen's Nature Photography

The early to mid-morning time frame where bees, other insects and birds start off by moving slowly before elevating to a darting, rapid pace.

Oh What a Beautiful Morning! ©Sheen's Nature Photography

The midday sun where direct overhead light can be made to work for areas where you don't want shadows.

Don't Forget the Sunscreen.... ©Sheen's Nature Photography

And then sunset, where glowing red to amethyst skies sweep in before nightfall.

So Long, Farewell Until Tomorrow.....©Sheen's Nature Photography

Nature Photography awakened the need to be more aware and in some cases, a bit selfish with time.  Family, fur-children will always take priority.

All aspects of nature - birds, foliage, landscapes, nightscapes - have their individual peaks in each of the four seasons.  These peaks become guideposts as to how and where we will spend our personal time.

The result?  Wonderful memories in the mind, the heart and forever on digital that serve as visible reminders of time joyously spent.

How will you spend your free time today?  Happy Shooting!