Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Time….

A few weeks ago, I wrote "Is it a Resolution or a Delightful Journey?"   The intent was to describe many of our experiences in making resolutions happen.   It's past mid January. It's time to assess if our 2014 Resolution has taken hold.

After that article, I received questions in my Facebook page Sheen's Nature Photography. They centered on my 'what my resolutions are for this year' and my favorite, 'did I have and complete my resolutions for 2013?'

Let's start with the latter question as my 2013 goal was broad with a few specifics.

The overarching desire was to grow as a photographer as I had started in the spring of 2012.  I also wanted to capture images of various wildlife.  One in particular, the Snowy Owl.

Tundra's Ghost, the Snowy Owl by Sheen's Nature Photography
Nikon 5100, 55-300mm

On a snowy, very cold wintry day, I along with some dear friends went out in the Northern Michigan elements to capture this ethereal, ghostly and magnificent owl.

We weren't lucky by chance, we made luck happen.  I live by the rule, "I'm a great believer in luck and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it." (quote by Thomas Jefferson)  We had a plan, did our research, drove hours to our destination and worked the area.  A resolution accomplished.

The Ethereal, Ghost Owl by Sheen's Nature Photography
Nikon 600, 70-300mm

Growth came by reading ebooks (see list below), linking up with Facebook photography pages and reading blogs from photographers.

A local nature photography workshop offered new tips and contacts.  A vacation in Nags Head, North Carolina created an opportunity to work with a local, professional landscape photographer Dan Waters. 

Nags Head Pier at Sunrise
Nikon 600, 14 - 24mm
The outcome is the personal satisfaction of seeing my photography evolve.

What's on the horizon for 2014?

  • Travels to new locations:  Smokey Mountains, Tennessee and working on Costa Rica
  • Capturing images of 'life birds':  Snow Bunting and the Lapland Longspur, next weekend
  • Adventures to specific locations for new subjects:  Austin, TX for bluebonnets in the spring
  • Establishing relationships with local businesses?  February, more to follow
  • Making the business official:  Yes in January! Thanks to Legal Zoom my official LLC paperwork is due to arrive this week.  

There are many articles, theories that indicate that it takes 21 days to make a habit. However, it doesn't matter what the articles say.  What matters is what we really want to do and if we choose to make it happen.

Happy Shooting!

Books:  (available through Amazon or the artists websites)
Improve Your Wildlife Photography, Jim Harmer
Better Birds: A Photographer's Guide, Steve Dimock
How to Photography Landscapes Like a Pro, Steve Rutherford
Mastering Exposure in Digital Photography, Stephen Hockman
8 Types of Natural Light, Anne McKinnell
Creative Photography Techniques, 20 Tips for Stronger Images, Dan Bailey
Earth and Light Digital Media books by Richard Bernabe available through his site