Monday, July 21, 2014

Sandhill Surprise....A Walk in the Woods

Weekend walks in the woods bring wonderful sights and surprises.  Whether it's birds, wildlife, flowers, insects or foliage, some of my best grounding moments have been on hikes carrying my camera.

This particular day in July was no exception.  At a Detroit area metropolitan park, Kensington Metropark near Milford, Michigan, nature lovers, cycling and running enthusiasts have options to choose from.  An eight mile running and cycling trail circles Lake Kensington while other off-road  mountain cycling trails touch Island Lake.  

Woodland Walk - ©Sheen's Nature Photography
A nature center along with nature trails also meander through woods, marshy areas and an open lake.  Birds, deer and other wildlife can be seen while strolling through trails and sometimes, if lucky, even in the parking lot early in the morning.

This particular Saturday, Sandhill Cranes were actively feeding and visible on the shaded woodland trail.  Another pair casually grazed on the grounds not to far away from the parking lot.  
"Please Take My Picture" - ©Sheen's Nature Photography
As the parking lot "Hollywood Posing Pair" was used to people, they were not camera shy.  In fact one followed me around for several minutes,  gracing me with a close-up of the vibrant, bright orange eye.

A good morning indeed!

Happy Shooting!