Monday, July 6, 2015

Celebrating Feathers With Songs

One of the most brilliant sounds in the forest is that of our songbirds.  As a bird photographer who spends many hours hiking in the woods, an added bonus is hearing their bright delightful calls and songs.

The gray catbird below bursts out a cheerful song and also a "meow" call that is the reason for his name. 

Gray Catbird by Sheen's Nature Photography

Particularly in the spring, birds' songs and calls echo through the woods and in backyards. It's the time in which the males actively seek their partner for breeding.

The male redstart below sings near the lunch hour at a significant bird migratory spot in Ohio, Magee Marsh.

American Redstart by  Sheen's Nature Photography

The females, such as the female redstart below, respond in return with their cheerful, melodious songs.

Female Redstart Sings the Morning Away
Sheen's Nature Photography
An easy way to connect with nature, even if you are not a bird photographer, is to walk in the woods, stop and listen.   Nature will guide your way.

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